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If you work with a self-employed workforce, we need to talk.

IN-SYNC Tax adds value to the operational cost and efficiency of your business, whilst helping maintain access to skilled and valuable self-employed professionals.

As one of the UK’s leading tax and VAT refund specialists, we can offer your self-employed sub-contractors the kind of financial benefits to which they are entitled.

Retaining your workforce

Maintain consistent levels of sub-contractors to support your business needs.

Working with Accountancy Practices

IN-SYNC Tax provides a specialist, bespoke accountancy service to your contractor clients, without competing against your business. We complement the services you currently offer your clients – not to compete with you, but rather to add value.

Working with Contracting Companies

We’ll support your self-employed sub-contractors taking care of their tax and VAT compliance, protecting your reputational risk.

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We’ll work around you to build a service that fits your business perfectly.

We’ve worked closely with companies ranging from small businesses to multi-national, blue-chip organisations.

We’ve helped more than 53,000 people with their tax and VAT services and bring on 1,500 people each month, so your sub-contractors are in safe hands.

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